Friday, March 09, 2007

Lots of Good Reading

Many excellent posts have emerged this week that you simply must read.

  • My vote for informed rant of the week easily goes to Philip Dawdy, who covers many topics in his post about a man with schizophrenia who is running into problems with, to use Dawdy's words, the "Nanny State."
  • Regarding Deborah Powell, Dean of the University of Minnesota Medical School, taking a seat on the board of PepsiAmericas, please check out Health Care Renewal and the Periodic Table. In fact, Health Care Renewal has been bubbling with a slew of good stuff this week.
  • Pharma Giles is now, at least in my world, the undisputed king of acronyms! Check out the TAMPONED initiative and what kind of TARTS make such a program possible. Under the TARTS link, make sure to read the section about SSRIs.
  • Bipolar Blast has a good post regarding problems related to withdrawing from benzodiazepines.
  • Speaking of drug withdrawal, Fiddaman has an excellent picture that summarizes the problem (well, one of many problems) with Paxil/Seroxat quite nicely.
  • On the same topic, Seroxat Secrets has also been going to town about Seroxat's problems.
  • In addition, Depression Introspection wonders if there's something fishy about the Mood Disorders Questionnaire.
  • And as always, check out PharmaGossip and Pharmalot to catch the latest breaking news on almost everything of note in the Pharma world.

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